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Firearms Regulations 2019

The Firearms Regulations 2019 introduce new requirements regarding the possession and transfer of Permanently Deactivated Firearms, In accordance with the requirements of Directive (EU) 2017/853

“Deactivated Firearm” Means a Firearm that has been Deactivated in accordance with Technical Specifications, set out in the document published by The Secretary of State, under Section 8A (5) of The Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988.

In practise, this means only the following items are caught by the Act/Regulations.

  • Pistols (Single Shot, Semi Auto)
  • Revolvers (Including Cylinder Loading)
  • Single Shot Long Firearms (Not Break Action)
  • Break Action Firearms (e.g. Smooth Bore or Rifled)
  • Falling/Rolling Block Action, Short and Long Firearms
  • Repeating Long Firearms (Smooth Bore or Rifled)
  • Semi Auto Long Firearms (Smooth Bore or Rifled)
  • Full Auto Firearms (e.g. Selected Assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns and Fully Auto Pistols)
  • Muzzle Loading Firearms

Items not listed above fall outside the notification’s requirements, e.g. Flare Guns, Rocket Launchers and Mortars.

The Regulations state that only those Firearms Deactivated on or after the 14th September 2018 need to be notified. Firearms which were Deactivated prior to 8th April 2016, are not covered by the Provisions.

In Practise, this means that details of Deactivated Firearms, acquired between 8th April 2016 and 14th September 2018, and have remained unaltered ever since, do not need to be notified to Appropriate Authority until 14th March 2021.

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When someone Transfers a Deactivated Firearm, they are required to give notice within 14 days.

As mentioned, this only applies to those items acquired since 14th September 2018. The person Transferring the Deactivated Firearm should send the below information to the Home Office.

  • A description of Deactivated Firearm, including Serial No, Make, and Calibre
  • Name and address of Person Giving Notice
  • Name and Address of Person Deactivated Gun was Transferred to,
  • Notification Forms on Gov.UK

The required Information must be sent to:

Deactivated Firearms Notifications

Home Office

Serious Violence Unit

5th Floor, Fry Building,

2, Marsham Street,