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Introduction to GunLog

GunLog is the brainwave of Paul Webb. The idea was born out of poor representation of the shooting Industry and its customers as well as gaps in gun safety, legislation, and control. Put simply, as a gun owner, you are either part of the solution or part of the problem. As a result, when an incident occurs, we get knee jerk reactions from Government without consultation with Gun Owners.

The bodies that exist to support us are grossly underrepresenting us.

You know who they are. One of them in particular, is responsible for the rush to move from lead to an alternative. No discussion with shooters. I met some of these people to discuss GunLog and the same organisations would not meet with me because I asked for a signed NDA and another felt I should not rock the boat. The Boat needs rocking if we are to ever protect the sport and its customers.
There will always be incidents. What can we do as Gun Owners and Registered Firearms Dealers? (RFD,s) HERO (Help Encourage Responsible Ownership)
GunLog is a way of providing an extra layer of security to Gun ownership by tagging guns and other linked assets (Scopes, Moderators and NV and Thermal Optics). The tags are made using Graphene which has green credentials and work like RFID. The tags are read using your mobile device or a reader. Tags are purchased online and sent out to you with Instruction to install. You register your information and guns etc on GunLog. Most of us have more than one gun so additional tags can be purchased at a small charge to add to the system. You will automatically have access to upload your tagged gun or asset to a classified ads part of GunLog if you decide you want to sell.

It is hoped that manufacturers will eventually install the tag at production point.
The cost of membership will be a one-off fee of £25 with additional tags at £4.75. I am looking for 250 volunteers to take the tag free and register at GunLog when we go live. If you are interested, then contact Paul at paulgunlog@gmail.com.
Many of you may not like the idea of tagging or leaving your information on a database. I will answer this by saying, if you want a voice in our sport and want to show you are a HERO, then register. Don’t continue to be underrepresented. We have a voice, and it is my intention that GunLog gets heard.

GunLog will also help prevent the unregistered free movement of Airgun’s through Private transactions. Put simply, as a member, if you want to sell your gun through our classifieds, you will be obliged to let us know the name and address of the guns new owner and they will hopefully register on GunLog. 
This will eventually control the 10 million plus airguns that are now in circulation in the UK and kerb offences and incidents alike.

Shotguns and Rifles will also be encouraged to register with GunLog. Once we have numbers, we can negotiate better and cheaper Insurance as well as deals on our purchases. Please get in touch and support GunLog.