Heritage Guns

The Heritage Gun Centre is a new venture for Countryside Pursuits with our aim to save our beautiful British made Guns from becoming wall hangers or Lamp Shades. Every purchase will enrol you into our exclusive Heritage Gun Club (HGC) and all Guns sold will come with a 3 month warranty. These Guns are Classic and just like a Classic Car, will need careful care. As a member, you will get discounted prices on repairs and servicing. You will also get to attend the Simulated Gun Days we will be organising in 2020. This will only be for Side by Side users that are members of HGC.  For more information and  to take a look at our projects, please get in touch. Better still, why not visit us for a look at some of our Antique Guns. Finally, if you want to sell, we are actively buying. If you live some distance away, we can arrange for Guns to be sent to your Local Gun Shop on an RFD Transfer. Ask for details.

Page Wood 12g Hammer Gun       £600

Made by T.Page Wood of Bristol, This gun is in a good condition for its age and has been fully serviced and refinished. The gun is also Nitro Proofed, and has 28" Barrels.  Non Ejector. The wood has been oiled finished to show the grain at its best. Its in Excellent order and ready to go. Again, a local Gun and a chance to grab some local History. RH and the Length of Pull is 14.5" HGC included

Pullan 12g Hammer Gun      £400

This gun was made by H Pullan & Son in Cirencester. The gun is very tidy and has been serviced. The gun has 30" Barrels and has been Nitro Proofed. A chance to grab a piece of local History and ready to go. A great Price too. Wood in Good order with an oil finish. Non Ejector. RH and Length of Pull is 14" HGC included

Belgian Side x Side Hammer Gun 12g       £250

Belgian Hammer Gun in good condition. This Gun is a Non Ejector. The barrels are 27" and in good order with plenty of use left. The wood is a varnish finish and in good order. Belgium proof marks show Black Powder. Gun is RH and Length of Pull is 14" HGC included

Sabel, Silver Sabel Sideplate 12g       £500

This Silver Sable has been serviced and is in a good shooting condtion ready for the field. It is an Ejector gun and has 26" barrels. The side plates are understated. This is a RH Gun with a 14.5" Length of Pull. Stock is an Oil Finish HGC included

Harrods 16g       £995

A rare Harrods gun and a very tidy example from the high end department store, it is an Ejector Gun and has recently been serviced and refinshed . 27" barrels. The wood is also in great condition with an oil finish. Length of Pull is 14.5" HGC included

Baikal 12g  USSR      SOLD

We can laugh about the Baikal shotguns. The fact remains that these are great value and made out of re-cycled Russian Tanks (Joke). If you are new to the sport with a very limited budget, this is great value. Varnish finish, RH and a Length of Pull of 15" with the whole Gun showing little use. HGC included

Holland and Holland Royal 12g       £3500

This is a lovely example of an early Holland Royal. We will refurbish the wood and service before sale but the price reflects that the barrels would benefit from a re blue. The action is stunning, all hand engraved as you would expect. Gun is Number 1 of a pair. Barrel length is 30" and the Length of Pull is 14.5". Non Ejector. The cast is almost neutral. We await a report from Holland on its date of birth and some history. HGC included.

Update: The stock as now been fully refinshed and the scrath has been sorted.

E J Churchill 12g       £795

This is a December 1910 model that is ready to use. Its an oil finish with a Prince Of Wales grip. Barrel length is 30" and Length of Pull is 15". The Barrels have been Re-Sleeved so plenty of use to be had going forward. Of course we will service and clean before sale. Its a Non Ejector and a RH Gun. Grab a decent British made Side by Side. HGC included