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Help Encourage Responsible Ownership

As Gun Owners and indeed the business of selling Guns, we are constantly under scrutiny by the Public and Government alike.  Whenever there is an incident Involving Firearms of any kind, there follows discussion around changes to gun laws and the need for more restrictions to be placed upon us.

It is frustrating when an individual commits a serious crime involving firearms. We as Gun Owners and Trade, abhor such incidents.

Realistically, we will never know what is in an individual’s head when they go off the rails. This could be with a vehicle, a knife and sadly, even a Firearm. It does not matter what steps we take to limit this type of action; it will still happen.

HERO is all about training and education. As a Gun Owner, we have a responsibility to always be safe, be legal and Help Encourage Responsible Ownership. This Blog and Countryside Pursuits and its Partner Company, GunLog, hopes you will get involved and join us in making our sport safer and more enjoyable for all involved.

To kick off, lets categorise Firearms in a way that we all understand:

We have Air Weapons, Shotguns, Rifles, and a host of other areas that we will address further as we grow our Blog.

Starting with Air Weapons, how many do you think are in circulation in the UK? In 2017, Home Office Statistics stated we had around 7.5 million. This figure excludes Scotland. They had an estimated 500,000. Scary stuff. Let’s estimate that figure is nearer 10 million now.

These figures demonstrate that when there is an incident, albeit any gun Incident is a serious incident. In proportion of ownership, these incidents are a tiny minority.

Gun Ownership is always going to be difficult to measure. In particular Air Weapons. This is because the private sale of Air Weapons happens without any control.

Also, of concern. With this sort of ownership, we need a body that will represent these owners when there is a discussion by Government and Police alike that will affect the way we currently enjoy our Sport.

In the next Blog, we will discuss Basic Air Weapon safety and concerns as well as hopefully, some of your feedback. We will also introduce GunLog and the Technology.

Stay Safe.


Paul​ Webb​