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Context: The EU

  • GunLog will also be there to better manage the current changes in Legislation that took effect in December 2019. These changes will, I have no doubt, set the benchmark, and remain a part of UK law, despite the EU departure plans. It must, to enable Import/Export of goods as well as proper control.
  • I have tried to provide a brief look at the legislation but as can be seen, its complicated. Interesting that yet again, there is no provision for Air Weapons.
  • In the UK, recently, it has come to my attention that it is possible to import a gun from the EU without problems, delivered direct to your door. One via a Dutch auction house (Shotgun) and another via an Air Gun Dealer direct to the customer home.  Tagging guns must extend to other countries if border controls are going to work.

The Legislation that came into effect on the 12th December 2019, introduces changes to the Control on Firearms relating to information entered into the register of Registered Firearms Dealers (RFD).

  • A. In the case of Firearms (other than Air Weapons) Manufactured before 14th September 2018 and Firearms of Historical Importance

To Record the following:

  1. The Class of Firearm (e.g. Shotgun, Rifle, Revolver, Pistol)
  2. The Calibre
  3. The Brand/Manufacturer
  4. The Country of Origin
  5. The Serial Number/ID No and distinguishing marks

And in the case of Firearms (Other than Air Weapons and Firearms of Historical Importance) Manufactured in the UK or anywhere in the EU, or imported outside the EU, on or after 14th September 2018, to record the following:

  • The Class of Firearm (as above)
  • The Calibre
  • The unique marking affixed to each relevant component part to include:
  • The Brand/Manufacturer
  • The Country of Origin
  • The Serial No and Year of Manufacture (If not included as part of Serial No)
  • The Model (Where Feasible)