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About Us

  • Gunlog has been set up by Paul Webb, a former Surrey Police Officer, who is a Registered Firearms Dealer at Countryside Pursuits, a gun dealership based in Melksham.
  • Helping Encourage Responsible Ownership (HERO) is our company tag line – it is recognised that the industry, owners, shooting organisations and the Government should all be working towards a better solution without the need for further, more expensive and unenforceable policing or legislation.
  • Using our system owners will be encouraged to register their weapons online and then tag their guns with a unique Graphine Radio Frequency Identification Tag (RFID). The tag cannot be copied/reverse engineered.
  • The RFID tags can then be read using a smart phone by the Police, Rifle Clubs and Firearms Dealers to assist with traceability and security of the weapons.

Asset tracking diagram
Our Answer

  • Create a platform for tagging and logging of assets
  • With a secure client & asset database
  • With 24/7 clients access
  • To manage ownership, transfer and service logs
  • Function to report item lost or stolen
  • Privilege and access levels to facilitate multiagency working 
  • Deployed in UK then rolled out strategically worldwide
  • Build with smart algorithms to monitor and report on user behaviour

Why Gunlog?

To create a responsible ownership scheme.

The national picture of gun ownership as at 31st March 2017

  • 154,958 firearm certificates covering 559,302 firearms. Of these, 30% (166,638) were sound moderators.
  • 9,825 new applications for firearm certificates and 32,023 firearm certificate renewal applications in the year.
  • 561,413 shotgun certificates covering 1,349,099 shotguns .
  • 23,718 new applications for shotgun certificates and 99,403 shotgun certificate renewal applications in the year.
  • It is estimated that there are over 7 million, as yet unlicensed, Air weapons in circulation in England & Wales which is a topic of ongoing Parliamentary debate.